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After a very successful one-year run, our exhibit "Toy Soldiers: History in Miniature" at The Connecticut Valley Historical Museum (CVHM), in Springfield, MA, closed in November, 2009. The CVHM is being renovated, and is expected to be closed for at least one year.

We hope that the CVHM will be reopend in time for Christmas, 2010; and that we will be allowed to create another toy soldier display at that time. Please check back here for updates on our progress. We will post here any new information about our displays. Until then, please enjoy these scenes from our 2008-9 display. Thanks for looking.

Texians giving Santa Anna a lesson in freedom

Q: How Can I Join? A: We are not actively seeking members, but we are always open to accepting like-minded people who enjoy the things we do.

Q: Where can I sell my collection? A: See the dealers in our Links. No guarantees; but they have been very good to us.

Q: Where can I buy toy soldiers? A: See the dealers in our Links.

Q: How many toy soldiers in your collection and what are they worth? A: We've never counted them or added up the cost. We just like laying on the floor and viewing their formations at slightly above eye level.

Q: Which is better: old style toy soldiers or the newer realistic ones? A: It's a matter of taste. We have them both and both make excellent displays.

Q: Which are the best toy soldier shows to attend? A: We like them all, but if you have not been to NETSS in Dedham, MA, MFCA in Wilmington, DE, the Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show in Hackensack, NJ or the Chicago Toy Soldier Show (OTSN) in Chicago, IL you should try to attend these. If you are new to toy soldiers, a show is a great way to get a firsthand overview of what is available. Check our show link for details.

Q: Do you know that the terrain/battlefield/troop formation in your display is not historically accurate? A: Our goal is to put on an interesting display for our audience. Sometimes we take a little artistic license to make the display more effective.

Q: Does your wife/husband/parent/family/friends know that you do this? A: Yes, and they are very supportive. We are blessed that those close to us enjoy our passion for history and figures.

Guarded by The King's Own ... evil-doers beware!
A Salute!

We honor all our men and women serving, both past and present, in all branches of the armed services. Their constant vigilance and courage protects us from our nation's enemies and preserves our way of life.
Please download our Exhibit Brochure here and share it with your friends (click to enlarge):

B&W Brochure

Color Brochure


Scenes From Our Latest Springfield Museums Exhibit at The Connecticut Valley Historical Museum

K & C Egypt ... Does that look straight to you?

J. Jenkins Battle on Snowshoes ... Ok, nobody gets any brandy before 10 am!

K & C Napoleon's HQ ... Ok, who brought the map?

Battle of Zama

Omaha Beach ... No day at the beach!

WW II ... A whole new meaning to "going out for coffee."
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